Mar 14, 2012

Life is a Zoo!!

Welcome back to The Zoo!! Things have been a bit wild around here again lately. For example: I got an email one evening from my eldest sister, it had been sent to all my siblings and a few of their children. It said that she, Anne, had taken Mom to the hospital and that her heart rate was very erratic with her blood pressure being extremely high. The doctor had given her meds and she was being kept in hospital for observation. The next day another email, the doctor decided that, since the blood tests showed a certain chemical in Mom's blood, it meant she had experienced a mild heart attack. At age 88 years, there is no such thing as a minor heart attack so we were all worried. Mom was in hospital 4 days, then when she went home all she did was lay on the couch with her children, at least the ones that live close enough, taking turns looking after her and spending the night at her place. Even my younger came out from northern Alberta to visit and look after Mom for about 6 days. Then we got another email. Mom had been to see her own doctor and had gotten the results of some more tests that had been done while she was in the hospital. It turns out that there was not enough of the chemical in her blood stream to actually indicate a heart attack, and her heart is still in very good shape, so there was no heart attack. So why did she have such crazy out of whack heart rate and blood pressure?? We'd like to know that too, but there is nothing to indicate the cause of that. We are left wondering.... and we are very grateful that Mom still has a good heart!! Mom's mother died of a heart attack and I think Mom was probably thinking a lot about that until she got her results. I haven't seen Mom since she got the last results, though I was one that went and looked after her. I have heard she is getting out for short walks and working at rebuilding her strength. She was very week after all of this, but I think she will not remain so for long.

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