Mar 21, 2012

Using Internet

I heard on the TV something about, of all people in the world, Canadians are the ones that most use the internet for research and such like that, while not doing a lot of online purchasing. I know that I do fit the stats talked about since I do a lot of research and other online things, yet rarely buy anything online.  If I hear some vitamin or herb is good for me, I do go online and research what all it is supposedly good for, what are its health benefits.  I do a lot of reading of various different things that sound interesting to me.  If I wanted information on an austin food allergist, or a vice busting diet, or even how to grow a plant I would go do my research through the internet.  I have purchased a few things, including a book or two, but rarely do I buy online. I guess I'm just used to doing it the old fashioned way, drive to town and buy what I want or need locally.  I like to look at and feel what I am going to buy.

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