Mar 20, 2012

Spring Arrives

This is a post I put on my Facebook earlier today, I think just after noon:

Last night, just after 10pm, Spring officially arrived. This makes today the first full day of Spring 2012. I got up and looked out the window to see.... fresh snow on the ground!!! This is crazy!!! Now, it is melted away and the sun is shining, so it is a beautiful afternoon!! I think I'll go out and do some work in my garden!!

I did finally get out to my garden, just before 7pm.  I got 2 raised bed gardens (bathtubs) ready to plant in, so soon will have my spinach seeds in the ground.  I saw a kale plant in one of the other tubs, I planted kale last year and see it must have seeded itself or that plant has survived the winter out there. Hmmmm. Time to plant more kale as well as lettuce and chard.  I haven't had much luck with peas in the past, but might try them again, get all these 'cool weather' plants in the ground early.

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