Feb 25, 2012


The volume on this computer really leaves a lot to be desired. I have a hard time hearing a lot of what I want to listen to. I do have some speakers from my old desktop computer and I used to use those with the laptop, but I had a young dog here for a few months and he chewed up to cord to the speakers, among other various items. My friend Dan bought me an MP3 player for Christmas this year, he bought it off eBay apparently. So far as I can tell it doesn't actually work, but I will take it with me next time I go to visit my Mom, and I will take it over to my nephew's place so he or his kids can figure it all out. In the meantime, I just tried the earbuds from the MP3 player in the laptop and they work well. Mind you, I'm not fond of earbuds, so I think it would be nice to buy myself some akg headphones. Headphones are way more comfortable than earbuds are and better than external speakers would be as they are much more portable, thereby going better with the portability of the laptop.

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