Feb 5, 2012

Hoar Frost

The other day, with nice warm weather and sunshine, we got some fog in the evening. You see, the city I live in is built on 3 lakes and I live just across the highway from one of those lakes, then in the hills behind my place is a small lake, the 4th lake we have here. With all this water, it's not surprising we get a lot of fog at times. That night, with all the fog, the temperatures suddenly dropped and everything froze. This resulted in the dampness of the fog forming into hoar frost on trees, blades of grass, weeds, wires or all kinds, etc etc. Here are a few photos of the hoar frost.

Frost on the leg of a wire tomato cage that is laying in the yard.

The wire fence covered in frost is the north west corner of my property, the tree is on the neighbor's land.

This is the north east corner of my place, the highway and neighbor to the east.

A more distant shot from the top of my driveway looking towards the north east corner.

Looking up the driveway, you see the fence between me and the neighbor to the north. The trees are mostly on their land.

I love the beauty of hoar frost on everything... and I think it would be so much more beautiful if the fog finally went away and we had clear blue sky with the white frosted trees and such. Maybe tomorrow.

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