Feb 7, 2012

Hoar Frost 2

I was looking at the Environment Canada Weatheroffice on the internet. We still are having fog all day around my place, though other parts of this area have gotten sunshine over the last day or two, or so I heard at the store today. The forecast I read is for warmer temperatures starting tomorrow, a possiblity of a wee bit of sun tomorrow though clouds for the rest of the week, and possible rain and snow all this coming week. Not my favorite weather, but it is February. Just 3 weeks and it will be March, thank God.

Here are some more photos of the hoar frost from my Adventures in Wonderland 2 days ago.


Seo Services said...

I looks awesome according to me, as I never seen so much snow all around. But I understand what you people are facing in so much snow.

Shadow said...

Actually, we don't really have much snow at all this year. Most of my yard is clear of any snow. That was all frost on the trees and it all went away as soon as the weather warmed up. The little snow we have is fast melting away as the weather is quite warm now.