Feb 25, 2012

Chiropractic Keeps Me Going

My neck is hurting, my head is aching. I have been doing some neck stretching exercises and this is helping quite a bit. I have an appointment to go to my chiropractor again on Monday, so this is good. I went to see him on Wednesday and while there getting the 'usual' work done, I asked him if acid reflux could have anything to do with my back. You see, I have acid reflux problems and the medical doctors can't figure out what causes it, they just know how to prescribe drugs that did work but don't any more. The chiropractor said yes, there could be a connection, and adjusted that area of my spine. I still do have a bit of acid reflux but not as much as I did before the adjustment. My sore left foot has also improved a lot with chiropractor adjustments. for the last 30 years, chiropractic treatments have kept me going.

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