Feb 25, 2012

More of Life's Ups and Downs

I told you about a man friend of mine in my previous post: Life's Ups and Downs. Well, as time progresses, I am feeling more and more like he is not the right man for me. In fact, it is starting to feel like he may not even be such a good friend. For some time now, we have been friends, seeing each other every weekend when he was working, then when he went off work due to back back issues, we started seeing more and more of each other. Every day he phones and or we get together, usually me going to his home to watch movies or meeting downtown for coffee & tea. Lately he's even come to my home a few times, though that's not something he does often. He so often says how bored he is and sometimes when we part he says something about if he's bored he'll call tomorrow. The other day I was fed up with this "if I'm bored" he'll call or we'll get together, like if he has anything better to do I won't hear from him. So I got assertive and told him if he wants to call to share something, call... or if he wants to call to talk to a friend, do it... etc... but if he is going to call just because he's bored and has nothing better to do, then don't bother. The next day he didn't call all day until about 6pm. Still, I hear from him every day. Today he bought some blank DVDs and came out as I had told him I had downloaded a bunch of movies and would burn him some. He was obviously antsy and wanting to get his movies and get out of here, go home and watch them. I ran into issues burning and told him it will take a day or two to get it done, so he left. I'm feeling like it's maybe time to cut him loose... or even to kick him to the curb. This makes me sad as I do care a lot about this man, but I care more about me!!

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