Apr 3, 2012


In my truck I like to listen to the radio while I drive, however, I don't care for the music they play on the 2 local radio stations.  In my old truck I was able to pick up an 'oldie' station from Kelowna that I really enjoyed listening to, but in my new truck the radio won't pick up that station. What I end up listening to all the time is CVC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  On TV I watch a variety of stations and some are CBC TV.  I was really amazed today when I read on the internet that there is a CBC Los Angeles!!  WHAT?!?!  Los Angeles is not in Canada, so what's with the CBC being there?? Well, there are many companies in Canada that are owned by American companies, so I guess maybe this is that same kind of thing, just in reverse. It's amazing what you see on the internet!!

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