Apr 2, 2012

Looking For A Bird

Today I was browsing the For Sale Ads on the internet.  I saw things like dogs for sale, cats for sale, lots of different birds for sale, strangely, even bobcats for sale... (okay, so I'm being funny here, this kind of bobcat is the machine, not the animal).  I saw lots of things for sale, yet I didn't see what I was actually looking for.  You know how it can be on the internet, you Google something and it sometimes brings up lots and lots of things that you weren't actually wanting, or sometimes it brings up lots and lots of what you were wanting depending on the day.  Anyway, I am thinking again about getting a male Indian Ringneck Parrot/Parakeet. My female, DW really wants a male and I would love to get her one... or  at least I think I would, lol. Raising baby birds would be a lot of work and commitment, and they would be so sweet and wonderful.  I'm not sure I'm up to the work and commitment at this time, but hey, it doesn't hurt to browse the ads and see what is out there.

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