Apr 21, 2012

Know What You're Talking About

I am one that believes you should become informed about things before you talk about them or use them.  For this reason, I tend to do a lot of research and most of that is done online.  For example, if you want to talk about riding a motorcycle you should have experience riding one -unless you are just asking questions about it... if you want to take a drug or supplement, you should know what you are taking - if you take apidextra, know the apidextra side effects and if you are going to build a trike, know how to build a proper and safe one -I know someone who brags about how great he is at building trikes, yet isn't.  Yesterday I was at a friend's place and we were sitting outside in the sunshine and watching wild animals in the field right beside us. We agreed the cock pheasant was a cock pheasant, the birds were birds, etc., but we disagreed on one thing... he said they're gophers and I say they are marmots. He got a bit rude with the way he spoke to me, something that has been happening a bit lately and I do not appreciate so soon will deal with it if he doesn't notice that I don't stick around when he starts talking like that.  Anyway, so tonight I researched online and though I can not find proof to rule out gophers, I did find a lot on Yellow Bellied Marmots in this area. One thing he doesn't realize is that I don't generally talk about things that I have no knowledge on, and for sure don't argue about it unless I am sure!!

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