Apr 2, 2012

Musing About My Day

Today I put in 2 hours or so doing inventory at Ray's.  I actually really get into doing it and don't want to stop and leave.  I feel like I'm doing something important and valuable.  Oddly enough, this is somewhat like when I did crafts and wrote poetry, I couldn't stop until it was all done.  Hmmmmm... now that's something to think about.  I haven't done crafts for several years and I used to so love the creativity of it, and it's been too long since I've had the poems come to me so I could write them down. I found myself thinking I maybe need to 'inventory' my house to get it cleaned up, after all, I am enjoying organizing all the parts and supplies at the shop.  While I was there, Ray showed me a set of leaf springs, 25 1/2 inches, that he got at the auto wrecker, for FREE, and will use on my trike.  Until now it's had no suspension, it's 'hard tail' and this will make it so much nicer to ride!! Anyway, I had to leave Ray's shop as I had a Chiropractor appointment to go to again today.  I depend on these treatments to help me function in life with less pain than I otherwise would have.

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