Apr 2, 2012

Time to Garden

I was just looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow and the rest of this week.  Tomorrow I have time to stay home all day and was planning to do some outside work.  I want to plant some vegetable seeds that require cool weather to do their best.  I also want to move some bricks and make a couple raised bed gardens with them.  I got 4 bales of old hay given to me recently and I plan to use them to try my hand at making Lasagna Gardens, having been told about them by a friend where I do volunteer work, and I read several articles on How To here on the internet. If interested, just Google "Lasagna Gardens" and you will find a lot of info on it.  I was really hoping that tomorrow would be a warm and sunny Tuesday, and unfortunately, it is forecast to be raining while the rest of the week is looking much dryer and I am going to be busy with other things.  Figures!! Maybe my body needs an extra day or 4 after the Chiropractor treatment I just had before I go doing heavy work involving bending, so I guess the rain could be a good thing.  At least I will go out and plant the seeds I have waiting on the table.

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