Dec 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Each week, Mo ( It's A Blog Eat Blog World) gives a word for us to post about in any way we choose. This week, with Christmas so close at hand, the word/theme is Candle.

This is Santa Claus and he is watching YOU. See those little beady eyes staring out at you... notice that big electric candle he's using to get a better look at you? Yup, you better be good!!

This big cactus is my friend Candle Abra. His friends call him Candle, and everyone else calls him Mr. Abra. In the back ground is his twin brother. He was adopted out when he was a baby, to the Cane family so they didn't know each other until recently. His name is Can D. Cane. At this time of year, they both like to wear decorations and both insist on wearing those strands of Christmas tree lights. Nature over nurture I guess. Whoof.

Back in the 'old days' before people had electricity, they used candles fur all their lights, even fur the lights on their Christmas tree every year. They also used 'em fur anything where they needed lights to see. Since then, thanks to technology, we now use these electrical things like these little strings of lights on our tree, and flashlights and lamps and all that kinda thing. In many ways, my Mom 'Bean and I would like to have lived in those 'old days' when it was all riding horses and stuff like that... and in many ways we're sure glad we live now days. Arf, arf, arf.
Happy Manic Monday!!

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luna miranda said...

i love your blog! i'm a dog-lover myself...check out Fritz, my dogie.

Linda said...

I can imagine how pretty Christmas trees used to be with candles lighting the branches but also how incredibly dangerous, too. I guess there are some advantages to the new lights - and even more so when you get a tree that's already pre-lit!