Dec 19, 2008


I'm sure glad that dogs don't have to have false teeth. I'm 10 in human years, so that's 70 in dog years and I still have great teeth, nice and clean, in good condition. Mom 'Bean is not so lucky. She's only 52 and fur years has had no teeth on top so has to wear fake ones, and she is missing bottom teeth on one side too. She has a hard time chewing some stuff. I know her false teeth, or plate as it's also called, hurts her mouth a lot, and she has to take it out a lot. No matter what they do they can't get it to fit just right fur Mom cuz she has some extra bones in her mouth. I sure wish she could get some Washington DC dental implants, or any kind of them would do. They put posts in and hook the false teeth to those posts, and from what Mom heard, it's almost like having real teeth again. Ahhhh, if only we had the money fur this kinda stuff.



BABYLONEZOO (France) said...

merci du passage et du commentaire sur la photo, joyeux noël à vous

african antelope said...

awww ... fake teeth , poor old pup! and its sad how they won't fit in fur real!