Dec 10, 2008

Protecting Our Home

I've been hearing a lot lately about it being Christmas pretty soon and how people buy lots of nice presents for each other, but cuz it's not Christmas yet they hide them in the house somewhere so each other can't find 'em and see what they are before Christmas morning. Then, on the news you hear sad stories 'bout how creepy people break into those homes and steal all those nice presents before Christmas morning gets here. Woof people so much more in financial troubles this year, from what I heard on the TV, this could be even bigger this year. I think people are going to need to get good security systems fur their homes. Mom says she has a good one that never lets her down. She even has a sign on her front door to let other people know she has good security here. It says "Security by God!! Assisted by Rottweiler". Arf, arf, arf. God doesn't need my help, but I will help if God ever gives me the "thumbs up". Hmmm, I wonder... does God have opposible thumbs? Mom does, but none of us "kids" do. Is that normal? This dog wants to know.


quilly said...

I love the door sign. I bet God does, too!

Chrystal K. said...

Wow, breaking in and stealing Christmas presents. How sad :(