Dec 9, 2008

"Puppy" Thoughts

Mom has been wanting to clean this place up, but is always so busy she doesn't get much done. What she does manage to get cleaned up gets messed up again before she gets very far. Arf, arf. With all the computer and camera stuff she has in this living room, I think she needs some nice office furniture in here. She has a big desk in the back room where she used to have her computer, but now with the laptop she can sit out here where there is more light, and the TV, and all us critters, so she never sits back in there anymore. Mom is thinking about moving that desk out here, but I think she needs a smaller desk. As she puts in the new flooring, I know everything in this house will be moved from place to place... room to room to make space to work. We'll see where that big desk ends up when all is said and done. Bark!!

1 comment:

Gattina said...

That's a long time I haven't heard from you you lazy dog ! You should just give a little bite in the bottom of your secretary ! It's true with a laptop she won't need a big desk anymore, maybe a big comfy basket for you instead ??