Dec 9, 2008

More "Puppy" Thoughts

Our home is what this dog would call "eclectic" though some people might call it "poor white trashy", arf arf arf!! Some of Mom's furniture is antique, from the early 1900s, the kitchen table/chairs are 1950s, and the rest of it is much newer, though is largely what people would just call "old". Nan gave her old couch, love seat, and swivel/rocking chair to my Mom, but the couch and love seat hurt Mom's back, so she gave them away and the only "living room furniture" now is that chair... old and the material on the arms is very worn and a bit ripped, but it's comfortable and fits into this over crouded room. The consol TV and the China Cabinet were 'freebies', and the end and coffee tables are old ones from Nan too. Yup, "poor white trashy", but it works fur us, fur now. Once the new floors are in and Mom saves up a bit more money again, maybe she'll look into getting some modern furniture.

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