Feb 3, 2009

How It Iz

It took a little while fur me to figure out how to do a Donation Button woofout asking Mom fur help. She gets kinda embarrassed about asking fur help like this, she thinks she should be able to do everything all by herself, but that doesn't always works so well. If we could wait a few months, then maybe, but living on a disability pension like Mom does, it doesn't leave much extra fur stuff like this... and if I don't have the blood tests and find out what's wrong, I might not be here in a few months.

I sure am grateful to all of you what are good enough to give me a donation to help me get the tests and maybe pills or something if I need 'em. I want to be healthy again and stay woof Mom fur at least a few more years. If Mom hadn't had to blow $400 on vet bills fur the chinchilla who up and died anyway, then we'd be okay now... but there's no going back there now. What's done is done... and I don't wanna be 'done' just yet.

That all said, I am having a good morning today. Mom fed me a nice breakfast and I could hardly wait to eat it. Oh, there was popcorn on the floor that I didn't eat, and crumbles in my dog dish that I didn't want, but I sure wanted that breakfast Mom made. It was 1 cup (weighed 4 oz) of dog crumbles woof 2 oz of canned dog food, mixed together. I think Mom hid some pills in there too, but I didn't taste 'em as I woofed it all down. Mom was happy to see I had lots of energy too.

Hoomans sure are funny, I don't get it. Mom always was wishing I'd settle down and not be so hyper, now today she's happy to see my hyper. What's woof that anyway? No matter how hyper I am tho, she doesn't wanna take me to my dog park to visit my friends until I iz healthy again, or at least until she knows what's the matter woof me.

Well, I gotta go now. Time to go outside and go potty. My Dr. Trinity said I'll pee and drink more on these pills. Oh ya, she said that Rottenweilers are very good at hiding from hoomans when there's something wrong woof us. Pretty good, huh.

Love & Licks to you all.

Yours as always,
Reba Jane Rottenweiler


mmo said...

nice to see you got it up and running. best of luck

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Hope you continue to feel better. Keep us updated.

Tell Mom "Bean I wish I could help out but with hubby forced into retirement and the decline in the building trade our income has substantually decreased.

Bratwurst Recipes said...

It's pretty cool to keep reading about Reba, Hope you stay healthy now Reba!

Till then,