Feb 5, 2009

Random Barks

Here's some random dog thoughts fur you:
- I wanna feel good and be healthy again
- I wish I could help Mom pay the vet bills fur me, and get me a blood test to better the chances I won't get New Monia back again.
- I want a steak.
- Mom has been putting a light fleece vest on me when we go out in the truck, ever since I been sick, and I actually don't even mind it. I stand still when Mom is putting it on or off me. Maybe I should accessorize it with a IWC Chrono
- Now that I'm on Auntie Biotics, maybe Mom will take me back to the dog park one day soon. She was scared either I could make some other dog sick, or they could make me sicker cuz she didn't know if my immune system would be okay or not.
- I'm sleepy so I'm going to go snooze now. See ya later!!

1 comment:

selena said...

I think your immune system should be ok. and have a nice sleep !