Feb 5, 2009

Update on Health Issues

When Mom 'Bean told her doctor yesterday 'bout me being on Prednisone, he said I better not stay on it very long or I'd turn into a diabetic. Funny how he was going to give it to Mom, then now she's not going to need it, he tells her something like that 'bout the dangerous drug.

Today, I was in my yard and Mom was out at a meeting when my Dr. Smith phoned and left Mom a message on the machine in our house. She said that Mom was to take me off the meds we got fur me on Monday, and to get back to the vet office fur new meds. Now I am going to be on 2 kinds of Auntie Biotics fur the next 2 weeks cuz I have New Monia, I think she said. It was nice of Dr. Smith to phone Mom, cuz she's away on a trip right now and called long distance from where she's visiting just to look after me. Mom is really impressed. Dr. Smith still wants to do blood tests to see if she can find out what is causing me to have New Monia, but Mom just had to pay $90 fur the meds that was sposed to go to other important things, so it doesn't gook good fur me getting blood tests any time soon. She said I'm more important than paying bills and such.

Mom is got a health surprise too. She was told yesterday that has diet beetis. What is that? Funny how we both have health problems at the same time. This would be a good time fur us to have home theater chairs so we both could just sit here and watch TV between times I take Mom fur walks.

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quilly said...

Yay! I'm glad you're on the road to getting well.