Feb 25, 2009

3 Woof Thursday

Three Word Thursday

My blog friend, Quilly at Pacific Paradise, started a fun challenge called 3 Word Thursday (or 3 Woof Thursday if yur a dog like I am). Anyway, Quilly gives 3 weird words to use in a story, so you gotta find out what they mean, then write woof 'em.

Definitions of the 3 woofs fur this week (from Dictionary.com):

op⋅pro⋅bri⋅ous[uh-proh-bree-uhs] –adjective

1 - conveying or expressing opprobrium, as language or a speaker: opprobrious invectives.
2 - outrageously disgraceful or shameful:
opprobrious conduct.

quon⋅dam [kwon-duhm, -dam] –adjective

former; onetime: his quondam partner.

ca·su·ist·ry (kāzh'ōō-ĭ-strē) n. pl. ca·su·ist·ries
  1. Specious or excessively subtle reasoning intended to rationalize or mislead.
  2. The determination of right and wrong in questions of conduct or conscience by analyzing cases that illustrate general ethical rules.

The woman returned from a few hours away from her home, in a good mood. She slipped her key into the lock, turned it, opened the door taking the key out of the lock as she stepped through into her once clean kitchen. Though she usually takes her dog with her when she goes out, Ecila had left the dog home this evening, thinking it best for her furry friend, and she was looking forward to the greeting she knew she would receive. Or at least, she thought she would receive that glorious greeting, and was shocked with what she did find instead. Aber had been very upset about being left behind, being tricked into staying inside while her Mom 'Bean went away woofout her. In response to the pain of her broken heart at being left behind, Aber (a very beautiful and good dog), committed what could be called opprobrious conduct. This conduct would have been upsetting enough on the quondam flooring, but on the newly installed laminate flooring throughout the kitchen and even into the living room, this despicable mess was all that much more of a distressing situation.

Just then, Aber, having awoken and crawled out of her bed to walk all the way down the hall to greet her hooman Mom, walked into the kitchen and saw the devistated look on Ecila's face. She knew she was in trouble.

Now, I don't mean to use casuistry excuses, but hey, if Mom, uhhhh, Ecila hadn't left her beloved pet at home woofout her then this wouldn't have happened. You should always take yur wonderful Woof woof you. And if you don't then you better hide the bag woof all the compost stuff in it or yur garbage cuz if you don't then it's yur fault when the dog gets into it and makes a big mess on yur nice new floors. You shouldn't punish yur pet by telling her she's bad and putting her outside in her dog run fur til you cool down. You shouldn't be upset about stuff like this in the first place. You should expect it... Oh ya, and bring a big treat home fur yur dog cuz I'm errr, Aber's a real good dog.

Now, it's yur chance to be good too. Just go on over to Quilly's place and find other particiapants of this game. You'll find a story at Mom's blog too, cuz she plays this every week.

Oh ya... leave me some of yur nice words before you go. Bark!!

Grrrrr, it makes me experience frustrations when I tell this blog to do my letters in normal size and it does them in big. It won't listen to me, needs better training.


quilly said...

Reba -- shame on you messing up your mom's new floors and telling the story as though it were some other dog!

AND, you need to talk to your Mom-bean about teaching you to tell time. It is only Wednesday afternoon!

Reba said...

Quilly - would it be okay then if I make a big mess and tell the story like it was me? And how did you figure it out that it was me? Yur smart Quilly. Arf, arf.

It's only Wednesday afternoon yur time... but it's Thursday morning in Dog Years.

Thom said...

Great Story Reba. I loved it. I'm currently house sitting for a friend that has two dogs. Small ones, all be it, you can see them on my blog (Thom’s Dog Ta(il)(le)s), but I do understand the point of your story much better. Great use of Quilly's words. :)

bettygram said...

I like the story in the dogs eyes. My Maggie always thinks she should go with me.

Nessa said...

That's messy kitchen but understandable. Very cute story.