Feb 11, 2009

Thank You Quilly

I send great big THANK YOUs and major Puppy Love to Quilly!!

Quilly is so nice that she sent me some money towards buying medicines fur me. This is a good thing cuz Mom's bank account it empty now, and I need more Auntie Biotics and that will be about another $80 or $90. Mom is trying to find/scrape together money to buy it fur me cuz the vet said it's real important to keep me on them to make sure every little backteria is gone from inside me. She still wants to do blood tests to find out why I got New Monia, to try to stop me from getting it again. That has to wait though cuz my medicines come first, and that will be another $110. Soooooo, while I am getting better now, I'm not 'out of the woods' yet.

See.... if you go across this creek, on the bridge of ice and snow that Mother Nature put there fur everyone to use, then up the creek into the woods....

... you'll find me. Up the Creek, and not out of the Woods.

Mom had truck insurance, and home insurance, but no insurance fur taking us critters to a vet. She is going to look into this fur the future, though... but fur now has to pay the existing bills.

Fur anyone who would like to make a donation like Quilly did, I will post everyones name here, and even put you on my sidebar, like woof Quilly (be sure to go visit her blog).... unless you say not to fur some reasons. It's my way of 'paying it furward'.

Thanks fur all the good wishes fur me to get better again. I sure am looking forward to being healthy again. I sleep a lot right now, and that helps.


quilly said...

I'm just glad you're getting well, Reba!

discount Sunglasses said...

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