Feb 11, 2009

Update on My Health

On Monday, two days ago, I went to my vet appointment fur a check up to make sure I'm doing ok. The vet was happy to see me, and happy to see I have more energy and not coughing so much as I was before. She told Mom that I need to be on Auntie Biotics fur 4 weeks all together and so far we only have 2 weeks worth of them pills, so need 2 more weeks worth. So that gives Mom 1 week to find some money to buy them woof. While we were there they gave me some more doggy treats that are good fur my teeth. I likes going there cuz they are nice to me and always give me lots of treats that are healthy fur me. Also, my toe nails was long cuz I don't ever let Mom cut them, so woof the help of Mom & another girl, Julie cut my toenails. Now I got a Pet-a-Cure, so guess I should be feeling better.

Last week when I went in to the vet fur the first time, I was forced to get on the scale and I weighed 38.8 Kg (pounds), which scared Mom cuz I used to weigh more. Last time Mom weighed me, 'bout a year ago, give or take a bit, I was 103 pounds ( Kg), so that's 18 pounds I lost somewhere. We're trying to find that now, and Mom was real happy woof me at the vet cuz I got on the scale real easy (knew I'd get treats fur doing that) and I was 41.3 Kg (pounds). So I found of the lost weight. Guess I don't need any weight loss pills, do I... just good food and lots of it to gain weight again, not fat, but muscle, cuz I'm a rottenweiler.

After the vet, Mom took me to the dog park fur a walk cuz I had so much energy. It was soooo woofenderful to be at the dog park again. It's been way too long. It sure didn't take long fur me to be tired out though. Usually Mom can't tire me out, but now I was really worn out by time we got back. Mom said maybe we over did it a bit fur my first day out adfter being so sick and still not over that yet.


Chrystal K. said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope your mom finds the money for the rest of your pills soon.

olivia said...

I hope you are not giving weight lose pills to your dog??!!!

Smal Business Online Marketing said...

I hope that you are able to get feeling better. I have used weight loss pills before and I lost 5 pounds. All I had to do was replace all my meals for a week with just pills. They really work!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

So glad you're feeling better. Gracie & I will be praying for a completerecovery.