Feb 25, 2009

Random Barks

Life has been kinds crazy here lately... so what else is new. Life as a dog takes back seat to everything else. Well, back of truck is more like it really. What's been happening lately?
- I'm still on medicine fur the New Moania, but I'm feeling much better now. Only about a week worth left then I'll be off the pills.
- I like getting the extra treats Mom has to give me to sneak the pills into me.
- people who live in California might need motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles
- We haven't gone to the dog park lately cuz of Mom's crazy schedule. I look forward to going again soon.
- I get to go in the truck woof Mom almost all the time, like on Tuesday nights to Toastmasters. I don't mind waiting fur her so long as I get to go fur the ride.
- I think I'll start writing short stories like Mom does, just to exercise my creative brain, and to give me more stuff to blog about here.

See you soon.

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