Mar 1, 2009

Manic-Dogic Monday

Welcome to my version of Manic Monday.... Dogic Monday. Hey, I'm a dog, what can I say? Today's word is waffle. So, you might be wondering what in the world would a dog have to say about waffles? Just read on and find out. I'm gonna write you a story.

One day Reba went to visit her Grandma HoomanBean, who goes by the name "Nan" fur all her grand kids and even fur her grand dogs. Nan was pretty scared of dogs, especially of big dogs, I don't know why but guess maybe something happened when Nan was younger. Anywoof, Nan is a very good cook and though she is scared of big dogs, she soon realized that Reba was a wonderful dog, as well as beautiful. She was not scared of this dog, well, except maybe of getting knocked down when her favorite Grand dog gets too excited about seeing her, Nan is very tiny and pretty old too. Nan loves to bake and cook fur her favorite Grand dog, so she made Reba a big plate of waffles, slathering them woof butter and pouring over a generous amount of Reba's favorite beef gravy. She even had it served by people in French maid costumes. Reba joyously gobbled all the food down and licked Nan to tell her 'Thank You!" In fact, Reba was so grateful that she even washed the dishes fur her Nan!

"I got a good sale on the ingredients, so I will make a bunch extra for you to take home, Reba Dear!" Nan said as she patted my head and rubbed behind my ears.

Okay, so it's a fiction story... but it never hurts to dream!! Mom 'Bean's Mom really is called Nan by her Grand kids, and I really am her Grand dog. Nan really is scared of big dogs. Woof, okay, so lots is true, but she doesn't love me and she doesn't cook fur me, but sometimes she sends things home woof Mom fur me to eat, things from her freezer that she doesn't want no more. Maybe one day it will be waffles.

Now, leave me some nice words to make my day good... then go visit others playin' Manic Monday.


Thom said...

Hopefully next Monday I will be ready to participate in this. It takes me some time to get stuff like that set up on my blog. Great story. I think plenty of Nan's are like that myself :)

quilly said...

You certainly did some waffling at the end of that waffle story, Reba, my girl!

Nessa said...

Yum, waffles would be tasty right now.

Jamie said...

Good Morning Reba (ear scritches)

If you come for a visit, you can have as many waffles as you want just cuz you are good girl, but ask the vet first.