Mar 5, 2009

A Dog Story

The woman sat on a picnic bench, eating her lunch and relaxing in the warmth of the warm spring day, enjoying the peace and the sunshine. Tired of material handling all day every day, she was meditating and contemplating on a career change. Her mind ran to numismatics, but she knew it was a great hobby that would not make her any money. Or wait a minute!! A thought ran through her mind, a vision of standing in her own store, selling second hand coins, tokens, medals, rare paper money, etc. Hey, maybe even some of it could be new, rather than second hand, but it mostly had to be rare pieces in order to have any great value. A dog walked up to her, nuzzling her hand with his nose, drawing her attention to him and off her problems. She began to rub his head, and as he started to lean against her, she handed him the last of her sandwich. He gobbled it up and licked her hand gratefully.

"Do you have a home, boy?" she questioned him. He leaned in a bit closer, licked her hand again, and rubbed his head on her palm. "I'll be you're homeless aren't you." Then suddenly she knew... her heart was speaking to her, telling her what the future held.

"I'm going back to work to give my resignation, boy, and I'll have to give them 2 weeks more of my time, but if you are still here when I'm done today, I will take you home with me. We'll stop along the way and buy some nice dog food for you. I hope I see you in a few hours."

The dog rubbed his head against her leg, his way of trying to tell her, "I'll be waiting for you. I'm not going anywhere!"

"See you later then," the woman said as she walked down the street, then across to the other side and into the store where she worked. Her plan was to start a Doggy Day Care business, looking after the dogs of people who had to go to work, leaving their dogs home alone all day, she would get to spend her days loving dogs, and walking them in the park. Oh, what a wonderful way to live, making money while doing what you truly love, while living your passion.

As she happened to glance out the window a bit later, she saw the dog sitting quietly across the street, watching the store front... waiting for his new mistress to return.

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Thom said...

So lucky that there are people like that. I just hope he doesn't belong to anyone else.