Mar 13, 2009

A Dog Story Fur You

The man sat at his desk, deeply concentrating on the paper work he was doing. Read, sign at the bottom, then stamp it with a custom rubber stamp to verify all was done, and that it was done by him. It was a time consuming job, and not the most exciting work one could do, yet it fed his family and that is all Frank concerned himself with just now. It was the middle of a depression era and one had to be grateful just to be able to put food on the table.

It had all started with a crash on Wall Street, then the government bail outs of banks, then of automobile manufacturers. From there, things had gotten worse. During the 'Dirty Thirties' people at least had home grown vegetables and other foods like chickens, but now in the 21st century, a vast number of people no longer had any idea how to grow their own food. It was long since that towns and cities of all sizes had outlawed having a few chickens in your back yard to grow your own meat and eggs, all that had to be purchased at stores, grown in large factory type settings where none of it was as healthy as that grown in people's yards. It was also illegal to have a clothes line to hang your wet clothes out to dry. You had to use machines to do all that kind of thing, and machines use electricity which costs money... when you can get it. The supplies of all things like electricity and natural gas had dwindled. Frank knew it was not due so much as to shortages of this things, but to large companies supplying less as a way to make you pay more for it. The greedy ruled the world, it seemed, and had obviously caused the depression the whole world was now in.


quilly said...

Reba -- the depression was caused in part by the greedy, and also by the self-centered and the impatient, and the complacent who did nothing about it.

I want more.

I have to have the most.

Mine has to be better than yours.

I can't afford it but who cares, that's what credit is for.

I can't believe people are acting like this. Somebody should say something.

Nessa said...

Trying to keep up with the Jones' is an evil concept.

Thom said...

I think they greedy need to be put in their place and fast

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