Mar 16, 2009

Heads Or Tails

The theme/prompt for today, March 17, is:
HEADS - "Point"
Make any kind of post using "Point" as your prompt. You can point something out, get to the point, make a point, etc.
The theme/prompt for next week, March 24, will be:
HEADS - "Common"
Make any kind of post using "Common" as your prompt.

I am here to tell you, there is no point to giving dogs ipods. We don't listen to them and they're no good to chew on, so keep them fur yur hooman kids. A much better gift fur yur dog is a long walk, maybe out to Rattlesnake Point, or Cousin's Bay, even just to yur nearest dog park. We dogs love to go fur walks woof our hoomans, and to run free, playing woof other dogs. It's the best way fur us to spend our days. I'm a rottenweiler, but if you have a Pointer, it will point you to some good places fur yur walks. To ride in the truck/car to the place we walk, then walk woof our hooman and play woof dogs, then ride in the truck/car back home, then sleep on the floor need our hooman... well, the point is that there just is no better way fur a dog to spend the day.

Love Yur Dog and God will Love YOU!


Hootin' Anni said...

The point you've pointed out for us hoomans is well taken. I hearya.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY. Hope your collar is greet today.

Nessa said...

You make some very good points.

Fandango said...

If I were human I would take you for a walk. But I'm a dragon. I just wrote a story. I could take you for a fly but that wouldn't help you much.
Have a good day and don't bite anybody.

Skittles said...

I bet my puppy would chew on an ipod. ;)

My puppy loves LOVES going on walks. I took her out this morning behind our apartments.. and there is a small pond out there. For the first time, she took an interest in the water and walked in up to her tummy. Then she started walking around and this made bubbles in the water which she then decided she needed to attack. :P

Glad you could play HoT this week.

Karen said...

Well then, the next time someone gives you an iPod, you just send it on over to me! LOL

Thom said...

You gave this hooman some good points to remember when I walk my neighbors dog. (Nalu - a Beagle) Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya Reba.


Tricia said...

My border collie, Pepeu, wouldn't chew on an ipod he's too well trained (thank goodness) but my Lucyfur will chew the headphone wires every chance she gets.
Pepeu is definitely in for a good long walk though, and perhaps a nice game of fetch.

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