Mar 18, 2009

Three Word Thursday

3 Woof Thursday

Wow, this week went real fast, and it's already time fur Quilly's word game.

The Week Six words will be:
sternutation - [stur-nyuh-tey-shuhn] - noun; the act of sneezing... A sneeze. {}
zoilist - A rude, nasty, or dishonest critic that enjoys finding faults in others. {Yahoo Answers}
anopisthograph - [an-uh-pis-thuh-graf, -grahf] - noun; a manuscript, parchment, or book having writing on only one side of the leaves. {}

Frank hurried out to buy a paper before he even ate breakfast. He could eat later, but first he had to get to the ads for jobs he might be able to apply for. He had been out of work since the company he worked for had been hit by cutbacks, nearly 6 months ago now, and he was nearly desperate to find work. One ad he read was for programming jobs, and he had some experience in this area. That had been part of his job at the company he'd worked for before.

Frank grabbed his toast as it popped up, spread some peanut butter on it and took a bite as he grabbed his jacket and keys, heading out the door. The ad had given an address where to go to apply for this job and Frank wanted to be there early, to beat the rush.

With luck on his side, Frank was the 4th in line when the door was opened. They were invited to be seated in the front office, then one by one were taken into the inner office for their interviews. Frank produced his resume from the inner pocket of his jacket, handing it to the interviewer, and from there things seemed to go down hill. The guy was obviously a zoilist, finding and expressing fault in everything from the crease in the resume to the size and style of font, and to the lack of experience Frank had in this area. He even complained that the resume was anopisthograph, a waste of paper he said.

When Frank let out a sudden and explosive sternutation, he just knew he had blown the job. He stood up, beginning to thank the man for the interview, only to be cut off. "Now, wait a minute, Frank," the interviewer said, "where are you off to in such a hurry? You don't have enough experience in programming for the available job, but I like the rest of your resume. I have another job that I think will be perfect for you. It not only is what most of your experience is in, but also it's one of the hobbies you have listed here. Sit back down and we'll talk about it."

That is when Frank realized he had been judging the man negatively. He remembered that you should not judge people, and look to find the good in everyone. "As you judged you will be judged." Wow, this had turned out to be one very productive morning. A new job and a good lesson in life too. You can't ask for more than that.

Now, if I was you, I'd leave me some very kind words and some doggy cookies... then go visit other people that write stories fur Quilly's 3 Woof Thursday.


quilly said...

Great story Reba. I know better than to feed other people's animals, so I'll give the doggy cookies to your mom-bean and she can pass them out to you.

Jientje said...

It was his lucky day indeed!
Getting a job from from a zoilist who even forgives him this hitonious sternutation? It does not get much better than that!

bettygram said...

A good lesson. Do not be a zoilist.

Fandango said...

For a dog you sure are wordy. I don't want to sound like a zoilist dragon but I'm in a bad mood. I have a terrible cold and my sternutation almost burned a hole in the wall. I even burned up an old anopisthograph.
But this isn't fair to you. You wrote a great story. I'm glad the man learned a lesson and got a job. For a bit I thought I would have to eat the interviewer.

Raven said...

Yippee! I like a story with a happy ending and wise philosophical advice. Well done!

Thom said...

Great story Reba. One of the first I've read here that didn't include a dog :( Possibly that's what the interviewer has in mind for Frank to handle his animals?

Michelle Green said...

The good part is that since the listings aren't paid for, you don't just get a selection of items - you get everything. The products are listed with a link to the shop, so you can buy direct. If the item is available in more stores than one, you get a list, where you can see each shops' pricing of the item. Chances are, you'll end up saving money too.

Nessa said...

Very good story and life lesson reminder.

Adwido said...

I don't think I could have said it better myself. Do you have a podcast or a YouTube channel? I'd love to hear more of your wisdom in a different medium.