Mar 5, 2009

Three Word Thursday

Woof Thursday already over in some places, I am finally getting to do my writing. Mom 'Bean was away all day yesterday and again today, so I couldn't get on the computer cuz yesterday I was gone woof her and today I was outside in my dog run. The good news though is that it's still Thursday here where I live, even in dog years, and it's still Thursday in Hawaii where Quilly lives, and it's Quilly's game. So this means that this perspicacious pup is behind on writing this post, yet not actually late, arf arf arf!!

Some days I try to be more like a people, and some days, I am into
apanthropinization. Hey, a dog has to do what a dog has to do. Right? I am a dog with no paucity (or is that paw city) of inteligence. Not that I can sit down and play a tune on a zither, but I can sing at the moon. I am a NO2 Black dog, nice and shiny and dark with nice redish brown markings, I love to walk in the park and spend time woof friends. I never seem to be able to get enough attention from Mom or from other people. At the dog park, I even sit on peoples feet to get them to pet me. Life is good and I am happy. Mom told me that tomorrow is the last time she'll have to feed me my medicines cuz I'm healthy again now. If she thinks she'll get out of giving me extra treats she's been giving me to hide the pills in, she's crazy. I will make sure she keeps giving them to me, now that I'm used to having extras, arf arf arf.

Have a woofenderful day, and everyone go click on the link above and visit Quilly & other people playing this game. Okay? Okay!! Bye fur now!!


quilly said...

Yay! I am so glad you joined Three Word Thursday! I am also very glad you are well again! Please stay that way.

Thom said...

Wonderful story Reba. You are a sneaky thing with your mother I tell ya. And your use of the words was fantastic.

Nessa said...

You are definitely one smart doggy.

Dr.John said...

You did woof that one out didn't you. For a dog you have no paucity of talent. I even bet you could learn to play a zither. There is a piano playing cat so why not a zither playing dogs. Keep it up and you will reverse the apanthropinization and become more and more human.

bettygram said...

My puppy Maggie also likes all people and dogs and greets all at the dog park.
You did a good job on those hard words.

Raven said...

You are a very clever dog to use such fancy words. Glad you are feeling better and I'm sure you are so endearing that you will get those extra treats no matter what.