Mar 27, 2009


Whoof!! Mom left me home today so I slept most of the day away in my dog house, out in my dog run. She has been leaving me home on Thursdays a lot lately and I'm not happy about that. She gives me a cookie to get me to go outside, then leave woofout me. She says it's cuz I'll have to stay too long in the truck while she's busy woof other things and can't let me out. What a drag.

Tonight she came and got me before she went to town, so that made me happy. I didn't get a walk, but I did get to go fur a ride woof her.

Even though I sleep lots outside during the day, I also sleep at the foot of Mom's bed all night. Mom made me a cushion fur on the floor in her bedroom, so that's cool, but it's getting old now and I want a new one. Actually, what I really want is a sleep number bed, cuz I've seen 'em on TV and they sound real cool.

Oh, by the way, did Mom tell you she gots 2 new critters again? She gots 2 chickens.



Thom said...

Well at least ya didn't put rubbish out all over the place like last time :) Do they make the sleep number beds so that a paw can control it? or will mom do it?

Nessa said...

Maybe you will get to play with the chickens.