Mar 31, 2009

A Frog Story

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a frog who was more than your average frog. It was a magic frog that on the day & night of a full moon would change into a human man. No, not a prince, far from that in fact, he just an average man. Well, maybe average is not the right word for a man who is just a man for 24 hours each month, and a frog for the rest of the month. However, this man, Fred, cared a lot about his family and friends, so during his one day as a human he did his best to look after them. He was able to get the pond they all lived in declared a sanctuary due to the fact that they were a rare and endangered species of frogs. This meant that they habitat would never be disturbed now, so long as there was so much as one from living there, and that the local children were no longer allowed to collect frogs eggs or capture the tadpoles from that pond. The only thing that Fred had not been able to do was to find affordable life insurance for the frogs in this pond, or any other frogs either for that matter. In all the history of the world, no frog had ever been able to have life insurance of any kind, but of course, Fred planned to get it as a human, so in order for it to be paid out one day, his death would have to take place when he was in human form. Fred had much work left to do, and had no plans to die any time soon, but one never knows what could happen so Fred thought it better safe than sorry. One of the things Fred had planned was to set up a non-profit organization to protect the frog pond for many generations to come, both human and frog generations. Fred's plans also included getting that life insurance once the Frog Foundation was set up, and he would put the Frog Foundation as the beneficiary. Yes, Fred Frog had a mission, and a frog with a mission is something to behold.


Thom said...

And what a great mission it is. Perhaps Kermit can help him :)

Nessa said...

That Fred Frog is Fabulous.

Rabbit, rabbit.

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jieleah said...

This is a good story. I hope in the future, you will post more like this.

Ana l Bamboo Flooring said...

What a cute and lovely story! Nice post!