Mar 5, 2009

Part 2 of A Dog Story

After Dorothy quit her job at the store, giving her 2 week notice, she felt wonderful. She knew she'd done the right thing. Now, to plan and prepare for her wonderful new home based business. On her way home, she bought a bag of dog food, as promised to her new best friend, also picking up a note pad in which to write out her thoughts and plans for her future, and several pens in different bright colors of ink. It would be so nice to do her planning in multi colors for her different thoughts. She'd need to do advertising to get customers... she'd need dog food and treats not just for her new best friend, but also for her new clients.... doggy bags for picking up after them as she walked them a couple times each day. Yes, she had lots of thinking and research and planning to do in this next couple weeks, and she looked forward to it. She knew she was doing the right thing, she could feel it in her heart and in her very soul.

As she reached her hand out to the side, her new friend stepped up and rubbed the hand offered to him.

"So, old boy... I guess since it would appear we will be best friends and room mates for the rest of your life, I guess we should get acquainted. My name is Dorothy. What is your name?"

"Arf, arf!", barked the dog, happily as he walked beside the nice lady who was giving him a new forever home.

"Okay, then. Arf it is!", said Dorothy. "Let's go home, Arf."


And the two fast friends walked down the street together, walking into their future.

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Thom said...

So far so good. :)