Jul 8, 2010

Dumb Guy

Mom had a date for this evening. She met this guy at work back in the '80s (whatever that means... I think it was long time before I was born anyway). The been kinda friends all those years and he's been looking and looking fur Mom. She gave up her land line so even if he thought to look in the phone book he wouldn't be able to phone her. He says he's been going to meat draws and auctions, places he knows she goes sometimes, looking fur her, even drove to the pool lots looking fur her truck. The other day she decided to phone him and he told her all this. He said he'd call her at 5pm today when he got off work and they'd go out. It's now 7:14 and no call. Mom is not impressed. She has now made other plans, to go out woof Wendy fur tea. She thinks that human growth hormone supplements are more exciting and intelligent than men that stand up a woman fur a date. If he calls her, now that he has her phone number, he better have a real good excuse or he's written off. NEXT!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Good for mom.