Jul 29, 2010

An Introduction

Allow me to introduce you to Gratitude... you can call him 'tude for short. This little bear was given to me by Rita, a gal I work with at the Food Bank every Monday. She said he is for keeping me company on my trike. I thought that was really sweet of her... perhaps she heard what I had told some of the other girls... that my beloved dog Reba is gone from this earth so can no longer ride the trike with me.

I used a bungie cord to attach 'tude to the trike seat right behind me, then as we rode home that afternoon he started to tap me on the back. I looked at our shadow and discovered what he was trying to tell me... only one little foot was still being held by the bungie and he was very nearly ready to take a flying lesson that he didn't want. I'm sure that flying would be a one of the good fat-burners, though he doesn't need to burn fat and he has no wings. Anyway, I reached back and pulled his leg securely into the bungie for the rest of the short ride home.

This shoelace harness keeps him securely attached to the trike seat, though he still needs the bungie cord over his feet so he's sitting up rather than laying down. This is not an optimal situation but will do until I figure out a better way to attach 'tude to my trike.

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