Jul 4, 2010

Summer Time

On hot sunny days when Mom takes me riding in my special box on her trike she said I will have an umbrella to keep me in shade whenever we park anywhere. She will park me in the shade of a tree or a building whenever she can too. When we ride down the road I will be 'in the wind' so will be as cool as can be on a hot summer day. She might even get me some kind of promotional umbrellas if she can pick it up cheep enough... our budget is tight. Whatever kind it is, it has to be able to somehow clamp onto the trike to keep it in place so it doesn`t fall down. She`s going to make me a nice, strong harness for tying me into the box so I will be safe when we`re driving, and put some foam in the box fur me to stand on to be cushioned when we bump.

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