Jul 25, 2010


So.... what did I do today?
- Of course I thought a lot about Reba. It is one week ago today that I had to help her leave this physical existence. As I was outside at one point, in the corner of my eye I saw something black move and thought it was Reba... it was a garbage bag and wind.
- This evening when it was cooling down after a hot day, I was opening windows. For the first time in a week I opened the window & door looking out into Reba's Run. There sits her dog house... empty. Already the weeks are growing up out there, showing that there is no dog to keep them trampled down or dug out. It looked so empty and made me feel very sad.
- I went to town today and spent time with Wendy, drank tea & visited at Tim Horton's.
- I stopped at the Superstore and got some crackers, also got fresh cherries & blueberries.
- This evening I went outside and sat at the table in my garden, pitting & eating cherries, then watered my garden and came inside to put the cherries in baggies and into the freezer. Washed the blueberries and will bag & freeze them tomorrow after they dry... and will eat some too.
- Looked at a few things on the internet: hummus recipes, Redenvelope.com, more hummus recipes, Tahini recipes. Checked email. Played solitaire.
- Talked on the phone to Joyce for awhile, later to Tuggy.
- Thought about how it's only 5 months until Christmas, lol. I guess it's time to start thinking about gifts and such as I like to make most of mine which does take some time. I enjoy getting ideas from websites or magazines and friends. I also tend to make gift things in the craft I am into at the time.

Not a greatly exciting day, but not a bad one either.


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