Jul 25, 2010

Reba - Very Sad News

I posted this a few days ago on my other blog... and still it took me awhile to face coming here to Reba's Run to pass this news along here. It is with deep sadness that I do so now.

On Sunday, July 18, I had to have Reba, my beloved dog and companion, put down. She had cancer and when a tumor on her shoulder burst open she was uncomfortable and I knew the time had come. It has been very difficult, and yet I know it is the best for Reba Jane Rottenweiler. She was such a great dog and I was blessed to share about 11 1/2 years of my life with her. Reba was born December 14, 1998 and came to live with me at approximately 7 weeks of age. We had a challenge at the start as I just couldn't seem to bond with this dog and felt I should get rid of her.... she just wasn't the right dog for me. Thankfully, I spoke to my next door neighbor about this and she pointed out to me that the problem was ... Reba was not D-O-G.

D-O-G (pronounced dee OH gee) was a Belgium Tervern. I didn't know her exact birth date, so chose a day that would be very close... February 2 - Ground Dog Day. She too came into my life at about 7 weeks of age and shared my life for about 11 1/2 years. She only went onto the highway one time and that was enough. She died instantly when she was hit August 27, 1998.

I had loved D-O-G very deeply and we went everywhere together from the first moment we met. She was the best dog in the world!! Nearly 5 1/2 months later, when I got Reba, I thought I had healed and as it turned out, I hadn't. I still miss D-O-G today, nearly 12 years later. Once my neighbor pointed out that Reba was not D-O-G, I realized that somehow I had been holding that against her and I needed to love her for who she was. That was very easy from that moment on. I did love Reba for who she was and I know I will always love & miss her like I do D-O-G. I have been very blessed to have 2 such wonderful dogs share my life.

I don't think I can live without a dog for long after those 2 girls. I was a confirmed CAT person, thank you very much, with no desire to have a dog... until I met D-O-G and she forever changed my life. Now I know the total, unconditional love and adoration of a good dog and know I will one day have to have another one to not only love me the way these 2 did, but also to honor the love and memories I have for D-O-G and Reba.

It's amazing how many people loved my Reba from the moment they met her. She really was an incredible girl and showed many people that Rottweilers aren't all 'killer dogs', but can also be filled with love and be filled with joy at the chance to share that love even with strangers.

In Love & Light
Reba's Mom 'Bean


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Jan's Funny Farm said...

I know your really loved Reba and I used to enjoy reading about her. The hardest part of having a pet is saying good-bye and I am so sorry that time came for you and Reba. Hugs, Jan