Aug 1, 2012

A Great Ride

I went on a 3 day trip on my trike last weekend. I rode to Westbank and met some friends, visited them for awhile then 3 of them on 2 motorcycles joined me for the ride to Penticton (Hwy 97).  We stopped at a Pub for a very nice lunch after which we said our goodbyes and they went to float down the channel while I grabbed a few things at the Dollar Giant (I love discount stores and clearance sales) and rode to Princeton (Hwy 3A then 3). After I fueled up I asked if anyone at the gas station knew Denise who rides a trike.  Being such a small town I knew they would.  I was given directions to her home, as well as to the Coalmont Hotel where I knew she likely was.  She wasn't home so I rode the 20 kilometers to the 100 year old hotel and sure enough she was there keeping an eye out for me and recognized me as soon as I walked in.  We met for about 1/2 an hour last year at a Brothers of the Third Wheel trike event and she's wanted me to go over to visit her ever since.  It was a nice weekend there, we rode around the area on Sunday and on Monday I rode home by way of Merritt (Hwy 5A) and the Coquihalla Connection (Hwy 97C) back to Westbank and Hwy 97 back home.

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