Aug 9, 2012

Internet Kudos & Quotes

The internet reaches out to touch us anywhere in the world. No matter where you live or what information you want, you only need to go to your computer and search the internet. For example: If you live somewhere in Canada or even in China and want a recipe for a certain dish you only need to do an internet search and you will find lots of different options. If you live in Virginia perhaps you will want to replace your windows and will find about that online at window replacement newport news va. When vacationing in Newfoundland Canada perhaps you will desire.... well you get the point. The internet can be extremely helpful to us when we want or need information, wherever we happen to be at the time.

When you want a quote you can get loads of them from the internet too!!

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks.  ~Author Unknown

National borders aren't even speed bumps on the information superhighway.  ~Tim May

Looking at the proliferation of personal web pages on the Net, it looks like very soon everyone on Earth will have 15 megabytes of fame.  ~M.G. Sriram

A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.  ~Author Unknown

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