Aug 1, 2012

My Soap Oprah

I watch General Hospital.  It's the only Soap Oprah I watch and since I am not always home at the time it airs I have my PVR set to record GH every day.  Sometimes I get as much as 2 weeks or more behind on watching it, then, like I am doing today, I watch several of them back to back.  Wow, it has been some interesting the last while!! I think these characters need to look into some good equote life insurance, the way they are getting poisoned, shot up with LSD, shot, kidnapped, etc etc. Robin, killed in an explosion awhile back wasn't really killed, but was kidnapped and some other body was burned beyond recognition.  Now Robin is finally back on the show after quite a while away. Heather Webber, the crazy unleashed on Port Charles is finally caught after injecting Olivia with a very big does of LSD and they're not sure if her brain can handle that much of the drug. Heather also kidnapped Luke, then shot him, tried to kill Anna while she was trying to save Luke from a fire.  Like I said... they all need life insurance on this show, lol.

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