Aug 27, 2012

Getting Some Better

I told you the other day that I have been quite ill lately. Today makes it 9 days now and finally I am starting to feel just a wee bit better. I was given 6 antibiotic pills to take, one each night before bed and I will be taking #5 of the 6 tonight. I am still coughing a fair bit, but not as much as I was and the phlegm I cough up is a healthier color now than the brownish mess with spots of blood in it that it was even yesterday. At first, I continued to live my life, out here and there on my trike, doing whatever I wanted/needed to do.  I was determined that I was not to be kept down. However, I was not getting any better and finally had to settle down, stay home and give my body the change to heal itself. 3 days in a row now I have been staying home and I don't mind telling you I really think it is time to get out of here for awhile. The weather forecast for this week looks pretty good for the most part, though the temperatures will be 10°C cooler than what we have had for some time now. I actually won't mind a bit cooler weather, though the evenings/nights are now rather cold for riding the trike, not as much fun as it has been.  However, that just means I will have to carry warm clothes with me so put on for the ride home. The other night, when I was in town and rode home at night, I sure was glad I had my hooded sweatshirt along. I put it on under my leather jacket and did up the hood before putting on my helmet. It really helped a lot as it was very cool, especially coming past the lake.  Tomorrow, if I am feeling up to it, I will ride to the small town where my mom lives, about 1/2 hour ride.  It is her 89th birthday and I do so much want to be there with her on this special day. There was a small family party for her this evening and I had to miss it. I want to visit her and take her out for dinner tomorrow.  I will be coming home early, right after dinner, so that I can be home before the temperatures drop too much.  For people who are walking or driving, it is still very warm, it's just if you are riding a motorcycle you are not protected from all the wind so it is a lot colder.

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