Aug 9, 2012

TOPS Today

Today instead of having our usual TOPS meeting (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), we just had our weigh in and then went over to the Seventh Day Adventist Church tot watch a video. They chose to show us one my Dr. McDougall  about weight loss, a very good choice I'd say.  It was a fabulous video with great information, including how 500 calories of rice, vegetables, grains, fruits can fill the stomach where are 500 calories of butter, meat, cheese still leaves your stomach mostly empty. It talked about how if we over eat vegetables our bodies will burn them off as it takes less energy to do that then to store them, while if we over eat fats our bodies store the extra calories as fat. It was a very informative video.

After the video, we all went downstairs to the kitchen where we were fed a wonderful and very healthy meal. I have always loved going to the fall fair and always made a point of going to the Seventh Day Adventist booth in the Food Fair, just especially to have a Haystack.... and that is what they fed us today. Mostly vegetables with some beans, salsa and a sauce that I'm not sure what is in it, it is not just very yummy, but is also very healthy and filling.  Today there were carob cookies for desert and I ate 3 of them.

I know all my TOPS friends there very much enjoyed it and we are planning to go for another video later in the fall when hopefully more of our members can attend.  There were only 8 of us there and we have over 20 members.  I am sure most of the missing will be sorry when they hear what they missed lol. The ladies from the church, also among my list of friends, obviously love putting on these videos and feeding people. They are such great ladies.

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