Sep 26, 2012


Earlier this summer, my friend Phil was showing me his Airbrush equipment and how he paints things with it.  He even let me play with painting some myself. I enjoyed it and think I might be able to get fairly good at it if I had lots of practice at it. Phil did say I can practice with it if I want, but I never have because when I go there to visit him I don't want to sit in his back room airbrushing.  I go there to spend time with Phil, to visit my friend, not to sit alone in his back room. I told hi this one day and he understood and I think even agreed.

This evening, I happened to discover something online to do with airbrushing...  but this is not with paint, it is airbrush makeup kit.  I admit I was kind of surprised.  I so rarely wear make-up.  It has been so long since I last did that I actually don't even remember when that was. I used to wear it when I went out for the evening, then when it was a special occasion, and now I think I look like a clown if I wear anything more than lipstick. I look good 'natural' and have nice skin. I know I am unusual and that I am blessed as so many other women wear make-up every day. I wonder though, would anyone use airbrush make-up for personal use, or is something like this only used by professional make-up artists?

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