Sep 18, 2012

CMA Music Festival

Last night, the CMA Music Festival was on TV.  3 hours of country music by some of the best of the best.  I wanted to watch it and something on another channel at the same time, so I recorded the CMA Music Festival while watching other things.  Today, I turned on my TV and watched a couple things, then I decided to play back the CMA while doing some house work here.  It would be great to sit and watch it, but so long as I can hear it that's the main thing.  I cranked the volume up and went off to get some of my work done in the kitchen then in my bedroom. I popped in and out during the show, so I did see a little here and there; Alan Jackson, Hank Williams Jr., etc. etc. etc. I'm not up on my instruments or equipment, but may have seen a mpc 5000 musicians friend on stage... or not.

I'm really grateful I recorded this show and I have decided not to delete it as I usually do after I watch the shows I record.  I want to be able to play this again while doing house work, and to at some point sit and enjoy watching the entire 3 hours.

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