Sep 12, 2012

Dreaming of Travels

I just got home from a most wonderful day.  I rode my trike out to a friend's home and had a very good afternoon there. Since Kathy's home is very near the small town where my Mom lives, upon leaving Kathy's I rode down to Mom's. We had a very nice visit, as is the norm for us, and I rode down town to pick up Chinese take-out for dinner. It was such a warm, sunny, beautiful day for riding, yet when I was leaving to head home the sun had gone down and the warm had left the area. Being as it is September, the nights can be rather cool here.  Last night I was out at a friend's home and had to bundle up for the 20 minute ride home as I had to tonight for the 1/2 hour ride. I carry the appropriate gear with me, knowing I will need it, so am relatively warm. However, it saddens me to no longer have the hot days and warm summer nights, to know that the riding season is soon coming to an end. I wish I could go shopping at custom swing sets richmond va or some store in some other southern US state.  Why? Well, one of my dreams is to spend winter riding my trike in warmer places.  I would so love to go visit Facebook friends in North & South Carolina, Florida, New Mexico, California, and to spend some time in Arizona where my sister & her husband spend their winters now. If I had the money to do it, there is only one thing that would make it hard for me to just head on out.  I have pets, my family (1 cat, 1 rabbit, 4 chinchillas, 3 birds) that would not be able to go along and it would not be easy to find anyone to take them in and care for them for the 6 months I would be gone, or to give some of them a new 'forever home'.

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