Sep 3, 2012

More Trike Bling

 In my last post, I showed you some Bling I put on my trike. Here is a bit more.  Phil drew the eagle heads, at first with 2 feathers, but I wanted 3 (one for each wheel of my trike) so he added one more.  He did a lot of the work, and I did a lot of it too... lots more than I did on the feathers because, as I said in the previous post, I do more and he does less on each of the pieces made for my trike.  I am blessed to have a friend who is teaching me this kind of work.

The dull, ugly aluminum is transformed into something so shiny it's almost like a mirror! This is me with my camera.

We made 2 eagles, one for each side of the box. Next year, I hope to have a new box on it too.

Each year I will do something to change the look and to improve my trike. This year I did a lot and it looks almost like a totally different machine.

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