Sep 29, 2012


Have you ever noticed how little things can trigger memories?  For example, a smell such as fresh hay drying in the field or of bread fresh from the oven.  For me, the hay reminds me of growing up on the farm as well as riding behind Marcelle on his motorcycle, a black Yamaha, though I forget the CCs it was. Those at least are the first two things that come to my mind, and there are others.  The smell of bread baking makes me think of my Mom and how she always baked so many things for us while we were growing up.  Between her 5 children we went through a lot of food, so growing her garden and baking went a long way to feeding us healthy food while keeping the costs down. Earlier, when I read the words "Les Paul guitar", my mind went back to a boyfriend I used to have... no... make that 2 boyfriends that I had over the years who played guitars in bands. So many evenings listening to the band play while I served drinks in the cabaret, or while I danced the night away.  I really loved those days when I was young, loved music and dancing, and had the world by the tail with a down hill pull. I wonder what ever happened to those boyfriends, hmmmmm.  Now an advertisement that is playing on the TV reminded me of when I had horses in my life and rode them a lot, along with friends.  That memory reminded me that while riding motorcycles with friends today I saw a horse that looked soooo much like Wonder. I would have loved to stop and call the horse over, call it Wonder and see if she/he came to the name, and if it is a mare, if it has the same spots that it so loves to have scratched. Could Wonder even still be alive after all these years since I last saw her? I mean, she was already up in years back then.  But this horse is a 'dead ringer' for Wonder.  I must call PatZ and see if she remembers how old Wonder would be now and if she would like to take a drive out to see this horse, to see if it is Wonder, and maybe take my great-niece Nicole who, from age 5-7 or 8, rode Wonder all over the ranges with us. Wow.... memories sure can lead one down an interesting lane of thought.  I am so very very grateful to remember these memories, and to have lived through the events that the memories reflect.  I am so grateful to have had horses in my life and the dear friends that shared my life on and off horses at that time.

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