Sep 18, 2012

Tuesday Ride

After washing dishes and doing a bunch of cleaning in my bedroom, as well as doing some laundry, I was dirty and all sweaty.  I was so happy that this is the night that the All Canadian Riders Club ride is on, and I fully planned to go riding with the club this evening.  I haven't ridden with the club for a few weeks now due to other things keeping me busy and getting in my way. This time, just in time, I remembered I have some important projects to do online before 9pm.  This is a commitment I made and must follow through on. The ride starts at 6pm each Tuesday and at this time of year the ride would be shorter than during the hot evenings of summer, but I doubt I would be back home in time to do the work if I went riding, so again I have missed a club ride.  I wish them all a great ride and I look forward to riding with them again. I wish I had done the work sooner to meet my commitment in time to be able to go out riding. Something to work on for next time!!

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